TOUR :Kalihani Pass Trek

The vertical cliff between Manali and Bara Bhanghal or the gateway to Manali from Bara Bhanghal is known as Kaliheni Pass. As per the old legends the word Kaliheni taken from two words as per local gaddi shepherds.
Route / Area: Bharmour - Kullu, H.P
Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days
Accommodation : Hotel/Lodge & Tents for Outdoor
Transport : By Taxi as per group size
Altitute / Terrain : 15500 feets, Gradual & Alpine
Best Period : May October

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The vertical cliff between Manali and Bara Bhanghal or the gateway to Manali from Bara Bhanghal is known as Kaliheni Pass. As per the old legends the word Kaliheni taken from two words as per local gaddi shepherds. One is Kali means black and heni means a glacier. If we combine two words means black glacier. So, Kaliheni Pass means the pass of the black glacier.  Kalihani Pass at an altitude of approximately 15500 feet is a tricky negotiation through ice, snow on glacier, and moraine. A small and beautiful glacial lake waits on the descent of the pass.
The trek downwards meets the tree line bothside. . When the word Bara Bhanghal come in any trek then you should be very clear your mind that you have to face or trek the two passes. For Bara Bhanghal you can trek from Manali over Kaliheni Pass, Bir Billing over Thamsar Pass also have access from Bharmour. The local peoples of Bara Bhanghal commonly used trek is via Bharmour whenever they get snowfall. Whenever you leave Bara Bhanghal via Kaliheni pass, you are in real adventure and unforgettable trekking experience.
The enchanting & timeless trail, used by the Gaddi shepherd of Himachal to access hidden pastures, amongst the almost unexplored mountain wilderness of the majestic Himalayan ranges. The trek takes you to upper reaches of the Pir Panjal range of the Himalaya and upto the lofty Kaliheni-Pass. The trail offers some excellent views of Hanuman Tibba, Indrasan, Deo Tibba and other peaks. The whole trek is full of stunningly beautiful pastures on both sides. Come summer and monsoon, the pasture grounds turn yellow with flowers. Kaliheni stream, at one point flows in a level, wide valley, making for a once in a lifetime view.
There is a high mountain in the background. Once you cross over towards Manali, you can see the beautiful Beas valley from the top, It all makes for a fantastic time spent outdoors. Kaliheni pass is not easy trek like other treks, as the trails have many adventurous point in the way. The last sections of this delightful trek through the dense coniferous forests of the Manali sanctuary and for bird lovers; there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the varied Himalayan birdlife here. It is magnificent Himalayan vista opens as the trail traverses myriad streams, evergreen forests and lush green meadows strewn with an amazing variety of wild alpine flowers. The fauna spotted from the Himalayan Brown Bear, to the elusive Musk Deer. This area is rich in bird includes, Snow Cock and the Monal Pheasant. This trek leaves one wondering at the awesome beauty of the Himalayas. It is a very fruitful trek for people looking for isolated, 'in-tune-with-nature,' routes. In a nutshell, a truly unparalleled ‘off the beaten path’ kind of experience.
Outline Tour Itinerary   
Day 1        Reception at Pathankot /Chakki Bank & drive to Dalhousie (80 Kms by Taxi)
Day 2        Dalhousie - Kalatop - Khajiyar - Bharmour(110 Kms by Taxi)
Day 3        Bharmour -Bharmani Mata Temple -Bharmour(6Km Trek)
Day 4        Bharmour - Holi - Laakewali Mata (51 kms By Taxi)
Day 5        Laakewali Mata - Dharadi(10 kms trek)
Day 6        Dharadi - Lake Base Camp(14 kms trek)
Day 7        Lake Base Camp - Bara Bhanghal (10 km trek)
Day 8        Rest Day at Bara Bhanghal
Day 9        Bara Bhanghal - Dal Marhi  (8 km trek)
Day 10      Dal Marhi - Devi ki Marhi (9 Km trek)
Day 11      Devi ki Marhi - Base Camp (4 km trek)
Day 12      Base Camp -Over Kaliheni Pass - Base Camp (10 km trek)
Day 13      Base Camp - Riyali (10 km trek)
Day 14      Riyali - Lambadugh(11 km trek)
Day 15      Lamba Dugh - Manali tour ends here


Detailed Itinerary


 Day 1Reception at Pathankot /Chakki Bank & drive to Dalhousie (80 Kms by Taxi)
Reception & welcome at Pathankot / Chakki Bank then drive to Dalhousie. After reaching Dalhousie check into hotel and in evening visit local sight seen of Small Hill station Dalhousie.)
Day 2  Dalhousie - Kalatop - Khajiyar - Bharmour (110 Kms by Taxi)
After Breakfast at Dalhousie move forward to Kalatop wildlife sanctuary then to Khajiyar. Enjoy the beauty of Mini Switzerland and take lunch. After Lunch move to Bharmour via Chamba. After reaching Bharmour check into hotel. And in evening join the Aarti at Chaurasi temples.
Day 3  Bharmour - Bharmani Mata Temple - Bharmour (6Km Trek for acclimatization Day)
Early in the morning after breakfast and taking pack lunch, trek to Bharmani Temple. Bharmani temple is situated at the ridge and is 03 km trek from Bharmour. In evening return back to Bharmour and check into hote.
Day 4 Bharmour - Holi – Laakewali Mata(51 kms By Taxi)
In the morning after breakfast troop will move to small village Holi by taxi a lead of 38 km. Holi is small and beautiful valley town situated on the bank of Ravi River. Famous delicious red royal and golden apples and for walnuts. Troop will go through Kharamukh, Garola and will stay at the bank of Ravi River at Choli Bridge for some rest and enjoyment. Then troop will move ahead toward Holi. After reaching at Holi troop will visit small Bazaar of Holi. Then move to Nayagram and Laakewali Mata three kms ahead from Nayagram Lunch will be provided at Laakewali Mata temple. Spend the left day for acclimatization and overnight stay in camp. 
Day 5 Laakewali Mata - Dharadi(10 kms trek)
Laakewali Mata -Dharadi 10 Kms run is quite interested as road head ends at Laakewali Mata. From here troop will go downward for 500 Mtrs and will cross a small suspension bridge then climb for One km and will reach at small village Surie. Stay while at Surie then move ahead to Urna village. After crossing a small Nallah near Urna then trail goes to Khrudu through ropeway. Khrudu is the destination of joining place of the two paths one is via Bajol village and another is through we went. Rest for half hour and taking lunch at Khrudu troop will move ahead through Garonda Village and after crossing the Nala by a log bridge locally called Trangdi the path climbs steeply for 1Km over a spur to reach the remote village of Dharadi. Dinner and overnight stay will be provided in camp. 
Day 6 Dharadi – Lake Base Camp(14 kms trek)
Dharadi to Lake Camp 14Km, The trail onwards east crosses precipitous rock faces high above the north side of the Ravi river, many tricky sections that need special care. A short rope will prove handy while cliffs dominate this side of the Ravi River; the other (S) side is covered with thick forest. In 4 -5 hours the hamlet of Khanar Village is reached. Then following a 2-3Km stretch, the path climbs steeply through wooded slopes to reach the crest of a spur where huge conifer trees are seen; a traditional resting place for travelers. The path is now well-defined and leads down through the trees to a small lake surrounded by green slopes; this is a Gaddi shepherds' encampment, a soothing place after two days of tough trekking through this rocky defile. Though Bara Bhanghal is only about 7-8 Kms from here, it is advisable to camp overnight beside the lake.
Day 7  Lake Base Camp - Bara Bhanghal(10 km trek)
Bara Bhanghal is most remote area of Kangra District. 10Kms trek to Bar Bhanghal from the lake Base Camp the path climbs for some time and heads over grassy meadows. Continuing North East along the Ravi River, an almost level walk ensues to Bara Bhanghal which comes into view after 8Km. The old village is situated a little above the river while the newer one is seen on the right bank. Bara Bhanghal is a small valley lies in a bowl at the base of three high ranges, and many glacier torrents join near the village to form the Ravi River. Shepherds' trails wind upwards in all directions. Nikora Pass (4745m) crosses the Manimahesh North to Kugti in Budhil Valley; Asha Gali Pass (5033m) and Laluni Pass (5438m) cross the Bara Bhanghal North East to Tandi in Lauhal Valley. Two passes lead east to the Kullu Valley. The Dhauladhar can be crossed to Kangra Valley by Makori Pass (4605m), Gairu Jot (4664m) and Thamsar Pass (4624m). Comfortable camping outside the new village along the Ravi River. 
Day 8 Rest Day at Bara Bhanghal
Full day rest at Bara Bhanghal, visit both the village and enjoy the day.
Day 9 Bara Bhanghal – Dal Marhi (8 km trek)
Bara Bhanghal to Devi ki Marhi is appox 8 Kms trek. Early in the morning after breakfast troop will move to next journey to Kaliheni Pass. The trail now continues upstream along the Ravi river into the deodar forest. After reaching Marhi, establish the camp and rest for night
Day 10 Dal Marhi – Devi ki Marhi  (09 km trek)
After Breakfast move forward to another destination of the trek – Devi Ki marhi. Just start the trek of day though is a steep downhill trek after leaving the Dal Marhi campsite. Most of path then is flat with few ups and downs. Then trek through dense oak and birch forests further cross the Kaliheni Nallah and reach Devi ki Marhi campsite.
Day 11 Devi ki Marhi - Alyas Base Camp (4km trek)
Devi ki Marhi to Base Camp is 4 km trek. Some peoples directly go directly to cross the pass. But that’s to long journey. But we treks in parts for the safety of trekkers and not trying to tier them. So we move after breakfast from Devi ki Marhi. A steep ascent across glacier and beautiful glacial lakes will bring you to the camp site at Base camp.
Day 12 Alyas Base Camp – Over Kaliheni Pass – Base Camp(10 km trek)
Alyas Base camp to other side base camp over Kaliheni Pass trek is totally depending upon the weather and physical condition of trekker. Generally Tour Guide will not take the risk or allow crossing the passes in bad weather conditions and will wait for clearing the sky. If sun shine then after taking light breakfast and packed lunch start moving ahead very early in the morning around 5:00 am to ensure that the snow is frozen for easier walking and if fails to cross the pass before 12:00 - 1:00 pm otherwise will create big problem as heavy snow winds, rainfall even snow fall can be happen. So early in the morning after Light breakfast troop will move ahead for their adventurous and joyful day. In the early morning frozen snow makes for better walking on a well trodden trace. The ascent between two parallel ridges becomes difficult as height is gained over snow slopes to enter an upper glacier. About 3Km. from the camp ground pass a glacial lake. Poor snow conditions higher up will make progress quite hard. Two small peaks, Lantern (5067m) and Thamsar (5078m) can be seen on either side of the pass. Take time off at the pass to get a splendid 360 degree view of hanging glaciers, the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar rangees 
Day 13  Base Camp - Riyali (10 km trek)
After breakfast move to Riyali. The trail proceeds over open meadows initially followed by a steep descent to a stream. Crossing it, the path continues in a steep climb for about three hours till you arrive at the Riyali. Make sure you catch the views of Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks from the campsite you left.
Day 14   Riyali - Lamba Dugh (11 km trek)
Start trek after brekfast As one loss the height in this steep decent, the distinct views of different faces of Indrasan, Deo Tibba and peaks of Bara Shigri glacier are going away. In the trail you will find different types alpine flower. Starting trail, the path turns to the right and one traverses the ridge horizontally and enters the campsite on an alpine plateau studded with thick growth of alpine flowers. From this point, one can have a magnificent glimpse of Manali, situated on the left bank of River Beas and the whole upper Kullu valley, which appears swathed in the different colors of the season.
Day 15   Lamba Dugh – Manali tour ends here (28 km trek)
Early in the morning move ahead toward Manali. Keep water in bottle as there is no water point in the way. After reaching at Manali last destination of the trek and here troop will take unforgettable lunch with Anna Adventures & Tour’s outdoor team. Our outdoor team will depart the troop here with good wishes and with hopes to visit again and again for more trekking in unexplored Himalaya


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