TOUR :Summer Heat Trek to Jotnu Heights

Manimahesh Jotnu Pass stands at a height of 14300 feet and is also known as Dham Godi Pass. It is a difficult trek and the last leg of this trek requires superhuman effort. Only recommended for seasoned trekkers.
Route / Area: Pathankot- Bharmour -Kugti- Jotnu Pass
Duration : 08 Days / 07 Nights
Accommodation : Hotel / Home Stays/ Tents for outdoor
Transport : By Taxi
Altitute / Terrain : 14300 feet
Best Period : April - July

Over View

Jotnu Pass stands at a height of 14300 feet and is also known as Dham Godi Pass. It is a difficult trek and the last leg of this trek requires superhuman effort. Only recommended for seasoned trekkers. Parikrama means circumambulation of the Manimahesh Kailash peak. This route is mostly preferred by Lahauli’s coming over the Kugti Pass. Of late, trekkers too have started venturing out here. The trek starts from Kugti Village,  The local beliefs say that it is mandatory to visit the Kelang Wazir temple located 4km off the tack from the Kugti-Jotnu trail. And it is recommend that you do visit the temple because you get to see the Kailash Peak in its absolute glory. The first pit-stop comes at the Hanuman Mandir, where another trail coming from Bada Bhangal merges.

You will find gaddis camping at Hanuman Mandir and they are always helpful lot. Now comes the difficult part of the trek, a steep climb from Hanuman Mandir to the huge boulder zone is extremely demanding and risky. And your problems do not end just there. Traversing the huge boulder zone is even more difficult. Huge boulders often slip and if you are not cautious enough, you might end up losing a tooth or two.

The last one kilometer or so is nothing less than climbing a small mountain. You have to make way up the precarious scree, which drags you back every time you lift your step to move forward. All this may take 45 minutes or two hours, depending upon your skill. The view a top the pass is awe-inspiring, worth every drop of your sweat. You get to see a vast field of snow guarded by the Kuja Peak. The peak is inclined towards the glacier and it appears as if a curious mother is watching her son play.

However, the troubles are not yet over. The descent from the top is tricky and if it has rained the night before, you will need a magnifying glass to locate the trail. Huge slippery boulders make the matters even worse. In case it is foggy, just cling to the feet of the Kailash Peak because that’s the safest way. After a long walk of a couple of kilometers you arrive at the Kamal Kund where from you can either go back to Dhancho or head towards the lake. There from you take a turn and move towards the Sukh Dali Pass.


Don’t worry Anna Adventures will bring you up to Top of this pass. This will be our attempt to reach top our aim is not to cross this Jotnu Pass. As whole of this trek is through Kugti Wild Life Sanctuary so you must know about this area.


Detailed Itinerary

PACKAGE  AATSHTJH – 01 (from Pathankot  to Pathankot )  08 Days / 07 Nights

•Day – 01            Reception at Pathankot / Pathankot Cantt and Journey  to Bharmour   (195 Km by Taxi)

Arrive Pathankot in the morning and start journey to Bharmour. Enroute stop to get fresh and take lunch. A journey of 7-8 hrs will reach you ancient town Bharmour. Check into Hotel/Homestay.

•Day – 02             Bharmour – Bharmani Temple   -  Bharmour ( 06 Km trek)

After Breakfast start a small trek to Bharmani temple to acclimatize the body & soul. Lunch will be served at Bharmani temple. After lunch return back to Bharmour. In evening visit Chaurasi temples and take part in Aarti. 

•Day – 03            Bharmour - Hadsar – Kugti – Dalotu Camp (24 km by taxi & 03 km Steep Gradient trek)

After Breakfast pack your backs and start journey to Kugti village. Reach Kugti village by taxi. After reaching Kugti Village stop for hour and explore the village. After exploring, cross the bridge and start trek to Dalotu camp and test your feet and body with three km uphill trek with steep ascent. A trek of 03 -04 hrs will reach you Dalotu camp the final destination of the day. After reaching check into camp and then take lunch. 

•Day – 04            Dalotu Camp – Padhar Base Camp  (9 Km Trek)

After spending a night at beautiful camp site take Breakfast & start trek to Padhar Base camp, a trek of 3-4 hrs will reach you the Padhar Base camp. After reaching check into camp and then take lunch and enjoy in the snow. After Lunch, scale the heights of Jotnu Pass and return back to Camp.

•Day – 05            Padhar Base Camp – Dalotu  (6 Km Trek ) 

After spending a memorable day in snow at base camp take Breakfast and enjoy the snow again and take lunch & return back to Dalotu camp. After reaching check into camp and then take dinner and enjoy in the snow.

•Day – 06            Dalotu camp – Kugti   – Bharmour   (3km  downhill trek trek & 24 km by taxi)

After Breakfast return back to Kugti village then take taxi to Bharmour. After reaching Bharmour check into hotel. In evening, visit local market.

•Day – 07            Bharmour  - Dalhousie  (110 km by taxi)

After Breakfast start journey to Khajiyar (The Mini Switzerland Of Himachal) then to Dalhousie a small hill station.  After reaching Dalhousie cheek into hotel and In Evening visit local market of Dalhousie.  

•Day – 08            Dalhousie  – Pathankot & tour ends here  (85 km by Taxi) 

After spending a week in the Himalaya now it’s time to say good bye so take Breakfast start journey to Pathankot. After reaching Pathankot board to home destination and tour ends here.        


Fixed Departures


Available trek dates for Summer -2019

14th April onwards to June, Calendar For Summer Heat to Jotnu Heights - 2019 

Ø         April 2019 =    13,15,18,21, 24, 27 & 30

Ø         May 2019 =     03,06,09,12,15,18,21,24,27 & 30

Ø        June  2019 =   02, 05, 08, 11, 14,17,20, 23, 26, & 29