TOUR :Best of Chader Trek

Leh - Ladakh cool desert and the roof of the world is the largest province within the North Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.
Route / Area: Leh - Ladakh, J&K
Duration : 10 Nights - 11 Days
Accommodation : Hotel/Lodge & Tents for Outdoor
Transport : By Taxi as per group size
Altitute / Terrain :
Best Period : December - March

Over View

Leh - Ladakh cool desert and the roof of the world is the largest province within the North Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir. It is surrounded and bisected by some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. Running in a generally northwest to southeast direction through Ladakh, the great Himalayan Range separates the Valley of Kashmir from Ladakh. Ladakh and adventure go hand in hand. And when we talk of adventure in Ladakh, jeep safari happens to be one of the finest options to explore the landscape wonders and the remote areas of Ladakh. The trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh offers both moderate and tough terrain. Depending on your capability, you can go for a jeep safari option you want or that suits you best. The driving experience on the rough roads of Ladakh adds the tinge of adventure in the jeep safari in Ladakh.One of the most exciting jeep safaris in the Himalayas is through Ladakh. In Ladakh Tsmori-Ri, Nubra and Dah Hanu offer the toughest and most terrific Jeep safari in the Himalayas. Crossing the Khardungla pass, considered to be one of the highest motor able roads in the world is an experience in itself. Each day of the Ladakh itinerary offers an opportunity to explore this land of barren wilderness. The culturally diverse people add to the charm of the jeep safari in Ladakh. The desolate mountains of this high altitude desert and deep ravines reveal the natural beauty of Ladakh. We have few designed packages for visitor who wants to experience the magic of Ladakh.
The Chadar Trek
The word Chadar means blanket and is used to refer to the trek along the frozen Zanskar River. The most amazing thing about the frozen river is how unfrozen it is! Spring water prevents the blanket from completely smothering the river which in places retains it rapids; all the more fear some in temperature of -30ºC the trek goes by shuffling along the icy path! A spectacular and at times challenging trek across the Zanskar with opportunities to savour ancient Bhudhist monasteries and remotes villages nestled in the depths of deep gorges valley of Trans Zanskar ranges.
We combine Chadar trek with time to explore the monasteries and royal palaces of the Indus valley known and the—Little Tibet and the famous Spithup’s monastery festival.The Chadar frozen river trek is an extremely glamorous trek. It is easy to see why. Travel magazines worldwide show incredible pictures of Buddhist monks walking bare feet on the frozen river. The Discovery and the National Geographic channels have both made films on the Chadar trek. Anyone who gets back from the Chadar trek adds to the aura around it by talking about the conditions in a revering way.

It is a 6 day trek in inhospitable conditions. It is a trek over a frozen river in Ladakh. Average mean temperature during the day is minus 10. In the night, temperatures fall to minus 20 and 25. Ice forms, breaks and changes colour on the river every few hours. At places the Chadar (or ice) does not form over the river. Trekkers then have to forge a new trail climbing over snow covered embankments to descend to a spot on the river where the ice is more stable. 
The truth is the extreme conditions are not hard to beat. With multiple layers and sensible trekking, the Chadar trek is not a very difficult trek. But what sets it apart is its unique experience. Everything about it is unique: the scenery, temperature, atmosphere, the frozen river, sledges, unusual camp sites, caves and the ever changing Chadar. So unique that it has to be experienced. In our Indiahikes list of treks, the Chadar, by far, is the most unique trek.

Outline of tour Itinerary
  • Day 01: Reception at Leh (Accalimatisation Day)
  • Day 02: In Leh (Accalimatisation Day with Local Sight seen)
  • Day 03: Drive Leh – Sumdha (Chilling - 3180mtrs) - Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) (3hrs)
  • Day 04: Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) – Markhala (6 hrs)
  • Day 05: Trek Markhala to Tip Yokma (6 hours walk)
  • Day 06: Trek Tip Yokma to Nirik Pullo (6 – 7 hours walk)
  • Day 07  to 10: Trek back from  Nirik pullo to Tilit Sumdo – Chilling
  • Day 11 Departure from leh

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01: Reception at Leh (Accalimatisation Day)
Early morning reach Leh (3500 m) which is an hour flight from Delhi. From Leh airport, transfer to hotel. Day free at Leh. There are plenty of things to be seen in and out of Leh town but we do not recommend any major exercise immediately. Allow the time for acclimatization. However a walk around the old town and perhaps up to the old palace would not be out of the question.

Day 02: In Leh (Accalimatisation Day with Local Sight seen)
Today you can go around Leh for sightseeing. Evening we take you a local family house to show you the Ladakhi tradition and culture. Overnight at the hotel.
Leh : The largest town in Ladakh is Leh. Dominated by the now ruined Leh Palace, former mansion of the royal family of Ladakh, built in the same style and about the same time as the Potala Palace. Leh is at an altitude of 3524 metres (11,562 ft)
Sightseeing around Leh. Visiting Shey & Thiksey Monastries & in evening visit Shanti Stupa. Shey Monastery : It is located in Shey on hillock 15 kms away from Leh in south. A 7.5 meter high copper statue of Buddha, plated with gold and the largest of its kind is installed here. 
Thiksey Monastery: Spectacularly sighted, Thiksey is one of the largest and architecturally most impressive gompa. There are several temples in this gompa, containing images stupas and wall painting of Buddhas which are exquisite. In evening visit Shanti Stupa in Leh. Overnight at hotel in Leh.

Day 03: Drive Leh – Sumdha (Chilling - 3180mtrs) - Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) (3hrs)
Get set and go, to start the most exciting trip on the Zanskar River. We Drive from Leh to Chilling to begin with. The road follows the Indus River for an hour to the confluence of Indus and Zanskar River, then fallow The Zanskar River till Sumdha-Do. We then trek for an hour on and off the frozen river to the village of Chilling. We camp near the village or stay in a family house.

Day 04: Trek Tilit Sumdo (3750 mtrs.) – Markhala (6 hrs)
For the next five days we trek up on the frozen river through gorges and deep valleys. There are number of choices for camping, and there for we can make our itinerary during this time as flexible as we like. There are also many caves (locals call it Bawo) which can be used for the night Shelter. The names of the stopping places are listed below. Tonight we camp at Markhala.

Day 05: Trek Markhala to Tip Yokma (6 hours walk)
Today we start our trek from Markhala & will be walking on ice. During the trek at times we need to give up walking on chadar depending on the condition of chadar and start walking on rock. Dinner and overnight stay in cave / camp.
Zanskari People depend entirely on perpetual snows in the mountains as a water source for their farm fields.

Day 06: Trek Tip Yokma to Nirik Pullo (6 – 7 hours walk).
In morning we start our trek from Tip Yokma. We can view of canyons while passing through frozen icefalls. We'll find human traces after Nirik Pullo. Dinner and overnight stay in camp.
There are more than ten caves on the bank of the Frozen Zanskar River. Travellers prepare their tea and meals on open fies and sleeps in the cave and so cave is covered with black soot inside.

Day  07  to 10: Trek back from  Nirik pullo to Tilit Sumdo - Chilling
Trek back from Nirik Pullo  till Chilling on same route. The return trek is apparently quicker and easier.
10 day evening we will pick you up from Sumdhado and drive back to Leh. Overnight at Hotel in Leh.
Day  11 Departure from leh
After Breakfast Move to Leh Airport for flight to Home

Fixed Departures

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