TOUR :Gaj / Bhim Ghasturi Pass Trek

Gaj pass trek is quite interesting among the trekkers. Gaj, named after Bhim's Gaja came down and struck somewhere in the vicinity leading to water springing from the rocks.
Route / Area: Bharmour-Mcleodganj, ( H.P.)
Duration : 9 Nights - 10 Days
Accommodation : Hotel/Lodge & Tents for Outdoor
Transport : By Taxi as per group size
Altitute / Terrain : 14500, Gradual & Alpine
Best Period : April November

Over View

Gaj pass trek is quite interesting among the trekkers. Gaj, named after Bhim's Gaja came down and struck somewhere in the vicinity leading to water springing from the rocks, this pass also known as Bhim Ghasutri Pass and is a gateway to Lake County. When you climb Gaj, you don’t just climb up the Dhauladhar; you also climb right into the lap of some beautiful high altitude lakes and complete solitude. Right across Gaj, on the other side is Lam Dal, the largest lake in the Dhauladhar. Every Year in the month of August every year, pilgrims from Chamba and Kangra districts climb up the mountains to take a holy dip in the Lam Dal waters.
The numbers are small enough to ensure there is absolutely no littering. All other times, the lakes are your personal baths. Lam Dal is the beginning of a stream. As the stream continues west, it forms 3 more lakes. There are twenty two lakes in this Mountain range. The Dhauladhar granite ensures water is ever clear as it ever got. Flanked on both sides by the high Dhauladhar ridges, this stream and the lakes are worth a pilgrimage in themselves and that’s exactly people come here for. The best way  to do Gaj pass is to start from Bharmour via Samra, walk a Budhau Naag temple then to Kali Kund, after that to Lam Dal, climb to Chandra Koop Dal, track back to Lam Dal, many other lakes Lastly.
Dhauladhar reserves a special mention for its high altitude glacial lakes which have mythical backgrounds and are considered extremely sacred by local residents, who make pilgrimage to these lakes during the monsoon and post monsoon season. These lakes are considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva and located in the one mountain range. The most prominent among them in the Dhauladhar region are the Lam Dal and the Nag Dal. Dal is called to a Lake. Lam Dal is at an elevation of 3900 meters and approachable from Minkiani Pass, Inderhar Pass and Gaj Pass.
There are twenty two Lakes in this mountain range including all the lakes. Many Local Gaddi shepherd, resident of Bharmour has visit many of these lakes during their migration journey with their flocks to Kangra valley and vice versa. The seven Lakes out of twenty two lakes are explored and are main attraction of Mountain. Main lakes are Lam Dal, Naag Dal, Kali Kund Dal, Chander Koop Dal, Dham Ghodi Dal, Sukh Dal and Naag Chatri Dal. Lam Dal Lake is the largest and the deepest in the area with a circumference of about 2.5 Kms. These above mention lakes are seven big lakes; hence it is also called the area of the seven lakes Kali Kund, a well shaped lake is about 200 meters below the Lam Dal. In this trek we cover main lakes of this mountain range Lam Dal.
Outline Tour Itinerary   

Day 1        Reception at Pathankot /Chakki Bank & drive to Dalhousie (80 Kms by Taxi)
Day 2        Dalhousie -Kalatop - Khajiyar -Bharmour (110 Kms by Taxi)
Day 3        Bharmour -Bharmani Mata Temple -Bharmour (6Km Trek for acclimatization Day)
Day 4       Bharmour -Chatrari -Samra (53kms By Taxi)
Day 5      Samra - Budhau Naag -Alyas Base Camp (10 Km Trek)
Day 6       Alyas Base Camp-Alyas caves over Gaj pass( 12 Km Trek)
Day-7       Alyas caves -Triund ( 9 Km Trek)
Day 8       Triund - Mcleodgunj (10 kms on feet)

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 Reception at Pathankot /Chakki Bank & drive to Dalhousie (80 Kms by Taxi)
Reception & welcome at Pathankot / Chakki Bank then drive to Dalhousie. After reaching Dalhousie check into hotel and in evening visit local sight seen of Small Hill station Dalhousie.
Day 2  Dalhousie – Kalatop - Khajiyar – Bharmour (110 Kms by Taxi)
After Breakfast at Dalhousie move forward to Kalatop wildlife sanctuary then to Khajiyar. Enjoy the beauty of Mini Switzerland and take lunch. After Lunch move to Bharmour via Chamba. After reaching Bharmour check into hotel. And in evening join the Aarti at Chaurasi temples.
Day 3 Bharmour – Bharmani Mata Temple – Bharmour (6Km Trek for acclimatization Day)
Early in the morning after breakfast and taking pack lunch, trek to Bharmani Temple. Bharmani temple is situated at the ridge and is 03 km trek from Bharmour. In evening, return back to Bharmour and check into hotel. This day is to get familiar with local environment.
Day 4 Bharmour – Chatrari – Samra  (53kms By Taxi)
Early in the morning after breakfast troop will move to Chatrari village by taxi a lead of 38 km. Chatrari is famous for ancient Shakti temple. After taking lunch at Chatrari troop will move to Samra last destination of the day. Samra is beautiful small village and famous for Naag temple after visiting the Naag temple spend the left day at Samra for acclimatization and overnight stay in camp. 
Day 5  Samra – Budhau Naag – Alyas Base Camp (10kms Trek)
Early in the morning after breakfast troop will move through village and climb through dense forest toward a nallah and gives feeling like a way to heaven. After a Short run one hour of straightway troop will reach at nallah and Goth. Rest for half hour troop will move and climb through the rocks and will reach at Budau Naag temple. Rest a while then climb through a beautiful ground and will reach at Bottom of kali Kund known as Alyas or base camp. Alyas, is run of 1 – 2 hours from Budhau Naag. Acclimatize your body and brain for next day journey which will be full of joy and adventure. Overnight stay in camp at Alyas.   
Day 6 Alyas Base Camp– Alyas caves over Gaj pass
Alyas - Gaj Pass - Alyas 12 Km trek is totally depending upon the weather and physical condition of trekker. Generally Travelling Guide will not take the risk or allow crossing the passes in bad weather conditions and will wait for clearing the sky. If sun shine then after taking light breakfast and packed lunch start moving ahead very early in the morning around 6:00 am to ensure that the snow is frozen for easier walking and if fails to cross the pass before 12 - 1:00 pm otherwise will create big problem as heavy snow winds, rainfall even snow fall can be happen. So early in the morning after Light breakfast troop will move ahead for their adventurous and joyful day. After starting moving ahead shortly will reach at lake know as Kali Kund. Climb through snow and ridge will reach at the top of lamb Dal and after going downward carefully will reach at lamb Dall. There is three more lake will come in the way but take more time if want to visit. These all lakes are considered as sacred many devotees from Chamba and Kangra comes here to take holy dip in these lakes. After reaching at Lamb Dal go through Bhim Gasutri and reach at Lahesh caves. It is a climb of three hrs from Lamb Dal to Lahesh Caves. Overnight stay will be in caves.  
Day 7 Alyas caves – Triund
Triund is a small and beautiful destination in the Himalaya, which is now very famous among foreigner tourist as a trekking paradise. Triund is name of a ridge in Dhauladhar Himalayas and it shows very close look for Moon peak-Inderhar Pass. After taking breakfast around 8:00 Am 9kms trail will start toward Triund. The trail goes generally through Oak and conifer forest and across the open meadows to the encampment at Laka Got. After a trek of 5-6 hrs will reach at Triund. Spend the left day at Triund and enjoy the beauty of nature and natural resources. The dinner and overnight stay will be provided in tents at Triund.      
Day 8 Triund - Mcleodgunj  (10 kms on feet)
Early in the morning move ahead toward Mcleodgunj through small village Dharamkot. After a trek of 10 km in 3-4 hrs will reach at Mcleodgunj last destination of the trek and will take unforgettable lunch at Mcleodgunj with Anna Adventures & Tour’s outdoor team. Our outdoor team will depart the troop here with good wishes and with hopes to visit again and again for more trekking in unexplored Himalaya.


Fixed Departures


      Start Date
     End Date
     Package Price
Fri  May 24, 2013
Thu  May 30, 2013
INR 15500/-